Amélie de Gaulle began what has become a long and successful décor career in her native Paris, France. Spending her formative years traveling Europe and nurtured by a family whose influence extends deeply into business and artistic circles, she developed a keen sense of observation, excellent communication skills and a unique and diverse aesthetic sensibility. Amélie is a graduate of Ecole Camondo in Paris, Charlotte Perriand class of 1984, with a degree in Interior Architecture and Environment Products. Amélie de Gaulle Interiors is a small interior design firm serving the Nashville area since 1997.The particularity of this company is not only to deliver original and customized design projects but also to help the clientele save money. Since 2005 Amélie de Gaulle Interiors specializes in Organic Design.

Organic Design is more than using “green” materials. It means incorporating what is unique and essential to the client into defined, clear, healthy, innovative and naturally balanced designs and lifestyle directions. Organic Design means considering human interaction with nature, spiritual believes, comfort, dimensions according to the human body’s proportions, habitat orientation and relation to natural light, selection of natural materials, time-saving organization, fluidity of the furniture placement, harmony of the form, psychology of color, economy of material,  energy efficiency and relationship with the outside environment.

Amélie personally ties her professional knowledge and successful experience with a true understanding of the clients’ needs, lifestyle and personality to satisfy their taste. The result is a new creation each time, allowing the design to be free from any influence, should that be a trend or an established style.

Amelie de Gaulle

Amélie de Gaulle closely works with contractors and fabricators in order to deliver truly unique and exquisite results; from the concept phase through construction, Art and decoration and up to the last detail, should it be linen, tableware, flowers or food on a plate. Amélie is well regarded and highly appreciated for her professionalism, discretion, innovative artistic talent, and extensive knowledge of art history and architecture.

Great niece of past President of France General Charles de Gaulle, she is also the Honorary Consul of France for Tennessee, board of directors member with the non-profit organization Sister Cities of Nashville and longtime Alliance Française de Nashville member. Amélie has been a Nashville resident since 1989.

Working with Amélie de Gaulle is a unique and rewarding aesthetic experience, raising décor to a level of art, yet keeping it accessible and extremely livable day to day.