Amélie is a skilled and versatile interior designer. I was afraid that design work would cost me a fortune, but it did not. She was a master of controlling the budget by putting the money where it counted and then selecting other less expensive items that still look great. She was superb at illustrating her concept prior to my having to make final decisions after we discussed. I did not feel like I had to accept a packaged look / her style only. Amélie give me an uplifting, natural, contemporary look that I know will last.
Amélie's contemporary designs work so well, I think because of her in depth knowledge of classic traditional European and American interiors designs that always wear well and can be incorporated.”


Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Raymond Stainback
hired Amélie as an Interior Design / architect in 2000




“Amélie has a sense to know what you're about and express it beautifully and organically in her designs. She makes rooms look like they just "happened" to be beautiful - no fussy decorating or cookie-cutter designing.”

Juliana Ericson, owner/artist, Juliana Ericson Fine Art